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Gold Miner 2

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Gold Miner 2 game opens the exciting world of mines, excavation, adventure, and commerce with interesting twists and turns that keep you always guessing and strategizing for better play. The exciting part of this game is that if you are the steady player and have half decent business sense chances are you might be able to go for the big prizes and even pass through the difficult levels quite easily. Here are a few ideas that you can use for playing the this awesome game. The prices are not fixed so you should keep hold to your money for finding the bargains. Quite often if you don't buy stuff the shopkeeper drops the price quite dramatically and you might result in quite a decent size saving with a simple virtue of patience.

Take the game Gold Miner 2 like a business man and buy stuff which you might be able to dispose of quite easily. In light of this, you should buy things like Energy Drinks, Dynamites, and even fuel etc, just not the money pits like gems and jewelry. The free gems should be grabbed as soon as you can find them. They are often able to provide you with the full quota quite easily. Yes, trying to grab them if they are in the difficult spot is not worth it as a rule does try your best to reach then. The different levels have gems in the similar positions at least in the first ten levels. Try and remember them to save the time rather than trying randomly. Same goes for keeping the overall map of the game in mind and following the route with least amount time and energy.

In the Gold Miner 2 game, patience pays in bundles, rather than trying impatiently find the right angles to try your luck. If you make a mistake with the direction there are chances you might have the try again after at least few seconds. Similarly trying to use the push cart in the better way, this can ensure not only the time-saving but also your goods will be saved quite easily as well. Last but not the least, ask friends to play with you online or in life. It will increase the chances of your finding and play the game quite effectively. Gold Miner 2 online game is the best way to enjoy your time with great pleasure at school or at home or may be at work, about 600 levels are waiting for you to make you happy, you can visit us and have fun for free.

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